About Project Pythia

Pythia is a community educational resource for helping students, scientists, and educators learn how to analyze and visualize geosciences data using the Scientific Python Ecosystem.

Project Pythia Goals

  1. The Pythia Portal: A searchable online portal that provides scientists at any point in their career with educational content and real-world examples needed to learn how to navigate and integrate the myriad packages within the Python ecosystem for the geosciences.

  2. Cloud-Deployable Pythia Platforms: A light-weight, Binder-based platform that will make it possible to launch portal content in customizable executable environments in the Cloud with only a “single click.”


Project Pythia educational resources are intended to support geoscientists with all levels of Python experience from 0 to 100: introductory resources for those just getting started with Python, through advanced scientific workflow development.

Introductory topics

  • Setting up your Python environment with Conda

  • Beginning Python programming

  • NumPy

  • Jupyter Notebooks

Geoscience focused packages

  • Xarray

  • MetPy

  • GeoCAT

Scalable workflows

  • Parallel computing with Dask

  • Migrating workflows to the Cloud

Training material

Project Pythia will offer a full gamut of training materials:

  • Example Jupyter Notebooks & scripts

  • Sample data

  • Tutorials (interactive and pre-recorded)

  • Communication forums

AMS 2021 Project Pythia Presentation

Watch this recorded video from AMS 2021 to learn more about Project Pythia!