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Pythia Cook-off 2023


Application deadline extended to Friday June 2! Fill out this google form

What is it?

Project Pythia invites you to join a Cookbook Cook-off. Pythia Cookbooks are crowd-sourced collections of advanced, domain-specific tutorials and exemplar workflows, building upon our Pythia Foundations tutorials. Cookbooks are supported by a rich GitHub-based infrastructure enabling collaborative authoring and automated health-checking to ensure reproducibility.

The Pythia Cook-off will grow the collection of accessible, reusable, and reproducible geoscientific workflows in the Pythia Cookbooks, while broadening the community of user-contributors. We are encouraged by numerous conversations with scientific colleagues who are enthusiastic about contributing Cookbook content. We want to create a forum for people to bring their ideas, existing code, or rough notebooks and collaborate on turning them into community Cookbooks.

Specific goals for this 2023 event include:

  • An intensive in-person “hackathon” experience

  • Developing and deploying reproducible scientific content via Pythia Cookbooks

  • Forging new collaborations with small-group project clusters around Cookbook ideas

  • Entraining a diverse group of new contributors into a community open science activity

  • Ensuring each participant finishes the event with a persistent, citable contribution

  • Setting the Pythia Cookbook initiative on a sustainable growth trajectory

If possible please bring your own project with workflows and code in hand, and let the hackathon elaborate, clarify, and expand upon it, turning these into cookbooks.

When and where

June 20-23 2023, in person at the NCAR Mesa Lab and virtual

Who is this for?

All levels of experience are welcome: from the user who would like a tutorial on Project Pythia cookbook to the seasoned Pangeo community member.

Pythia is committed to building an inclusive space that promotes and values diversity. We hope that our platform can represent the diverse voices present in the geoscience community, as we work together to solve global challenges.

How do I apply?

Extended application deadline is now Friday June 2, 2023. However the hotel block deadline is Wednesday, May 24.

Easy, just fill out this google form