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Pythia Cook-off 2024


Register Now!

Registration for the 2024 Pythia Cook-off hackathon for geoscientific Python Cookbook development is now live!

Join Project Pythia June 11-14 2024 in-person in Boulder, CO at the NCAR Mesa Lab or virtually via Zoom.

New in 2024, Project Pythia has limited funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation to support travel expenses for in-person participants!


The travel funding window is now closed. All applicants for travel support have been notified. We are still accepting registrations for virtual and self-funded participants!

The deadline for all registration is May 26, with priority registration for travel support consideration due by March 29. There is a $50 USD registration fee for in-person attendees due at the time of registration to support event expenses. Virtual-only registration will remain free.

Bring your own ideas and existing materials, and consider leading a breakout group to hack alongside other interested folks in your area of expertise.

Click below to head to the registration page.

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What is it?

Project Pythia continues offering its annual Cook-off hackathon for creating and maintaining Pythia Cookbooks. Pythia Cookbooks are crowd-sourced collections of domain-specific tutorials and exemplar workflows, building upon our Pythia Foundations tutorials. Cookbooks are supported by a rich GitHub-based infrastructure enabling collaborative authoring and automated health-checking to ensure reproducibility.

Participants in the Cook-off will develop their skills in contributing code and non-code to open source projects, demonstrating open science practices, and communicating and collaborating with other professionals. By doing so, they will grow the collection of accessible, reusable, and reproducible Cookbooks. This is a space for scientists, educators, and developers to bring their ideas, existing code, or rough notebooks and collaborate on turning them into community Cookbooks.

Who is this for?

You! Hackathon may be a scary word, but this event is for students, scientists, educators, engineers, hobbyists, professionals, and more across a spectrum of expertise and ability. Familiarity with Python, git and GitHub, and Jupyter will help you best collaborate with others and best build your skills during the brief Hackathon period. Check out Pythia Foundations for a crash course in these topics. We also encourage non-code participation through the creation of narrative text, images or GIFs, and even produced videos to support Cookbook content.

Pythia is committed to building an inclusive space that promotes and values diversity. We hope that our platform can represent the diverse voices present in the geoscience community, as we work together to solve global challenges.