Pythia Cookbook Cook-Off Hackathon 2023

One year from when Project Pythia first introduced Cookbooks, NCAR hosted Project Pythia’s first “Cookbook Cook-Off” hackathon.

Pythia Cookbooks provide example end-to-end geoscientific workflows and are an important tool towards reproducible science efforts.

36 members of the Project Pythia team and larger Pangeo community gathered at NCAR’s Mesa Lab in Boulder, CO and remotely for a hybrid hacakthon June 20-23, 2023 to expand content and improve infrastructure support for Cookbook development.

During the hackthon, significant additions were made to our Radar Cookbook and infrastructure changes were made to better support DOI citations of Cookbooks. We are expecting 10 novel Cookbooks to join our gallery soon.

From our post-hackathon exit survey, everyone enjoyed the event, felt that they learned new skills and that their contributions were valued. One scientist commented, “The hackathon for me has become a great place to get a sense of a community. Seeing people enthusiastic about coding up notebooks that would benefit the research community is a gateway for someone starting to code in Python.” This comment mirrors the efforts of Project Pythia as a community-owned resource.

Cookoff Image