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Precipitation Frequency Analysis


This notebook shows an advanced analysis case. The calculation was inspired by Angie Pendergrass’s work on precipitation statistics, as described in the following websites / papers:

We use xhistogram to calculate the distribution of precipitation intensity and its changes in a warming climate.





Intro to Xarray


Understanding of NetCDF


Familiarity with metadata structure



  • Time to learn: 5 minutes


import os
import sys
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import xarray as xr
import fsspec
from tqdm.autonotebook import tqdm
from xhistogram.xarray import histogram
from dask_gateway import Gateway
from dask.distributed import Client

%matplotlib inline
plt.rcParams['figure.figsize'] = 12, 6
/tmp/ipykernel_832/ TqdmExperimentalWarning: Using `tqdm.autonotebook.tqdm` in notebook mode. Use `tqdm.tqdm` instead to force console mode (e.g. in jupyter console)
  from tqdm.autonotebook import tqdm

Compute Cluster

Here we use a dask cluster to parallelize our analysis.

platform = sys.platform

if (platform == 'win32'):
    import multiprocessing.popen_spawn_win32
    import multiprocessing.popen_spawn_posix

Initiate the Dask client:

client = Client()



Connection method: Cluster object Cluster type: distributed.LocalCluster

Cluster Info

Load Data Catalog

df = pd.read_csv('')
activity_id institution_id source_id experiment_id member_id table_id variable_id grid_label zstore dcpp_init_year version
0 HighResMIP CMCC CMCC-CM2-HR4 highresSST-present r1i1p1f1 Amon ps gn gs://cmip6/CMIP6/HighResMIP/CMCC/CMCC-CM2-HR4/... NaN 20170706
1 HighResMIP CMCC CMCC-CM2-HR4 highresSST-present r1i1p1f1 Amon rsds gn gs://cmip6/CMIP6/HighResMIP/CMCC/CMCC-CM2-HR4/... NaN 20170706
2 HighResMIP CMCC CMCC-CM2-HR4 highresSST-present r1i1p1f1 Amon rlus gn gs://cmip6/CMIP6/HighResMIP/CMCC/CMCC-CM2-HR4/... NaN 20170706
3 HighResMIP CMCC CMCC-CM2-HR4 highresSST-present r1i1p1f1 Amon rlds gn gs://cmip6/CMIP6/HighResMIP/CMCC/CMCC-CM2-HR4/... NaN 20170706
4 HighResMIP CMCC CMCC-CM2-HR4 highresSST-present r1i1p1f1 Amon psl gn gs://cmip6/CMIP6/HighResMIP/CMCC/CMCC-CM2-HR4/... NaN 20170706
df_3hr_pr = df[(df.table_id == '3hr') & (df.variable_id == 'pr')]
run_counts = df_3hr_pr.groupby(['source_id', 'experiment_id'])['zstore'].count()
source_id         experiment_id     
BCC-CSM2-MR       historical             1
                  ssp126                 1
                  ssp245                 1
                  ssp370                 1
                  ssp585                 1
CNRM-CM6-1        highresSST-present     1
                  historical             3
                  ssp126                 1
                  ssp245                 1
                  ssp370                 1
                  ssp585                 1
CNRM-CM6-1-HR     highresSST-present     1
CNRM-ESM2-1       historical             1
                  ssp126                 1
                  ssp245                 1
                  ssp370                 1
                  ssp585                 1
GFDL-CM4          1pctCO2                2
                  abrupt-4xCO2           2
                  amip                   2
                  historical             2
                  piControl              2
GFDL-CM4C192      highresSST-future      1
                  highresSST-present     1
GFDL-ESM4         1pctCO2                1
                  abrupt-4xCO2           1
                  esm-hist               1
                  historical             1
                  ssp119                 1
                  ssp126                 1
                  ssp370                 1
GISS-E2-1-G       historical             2
HadGEM3-GC31-HM   highresSST-present     1
HadGEM3-GC31-LM   highresSST-present     1
HadGEM3-GC31-MM   highresSST-present     1
IPSL-CM6A-ATM-HR  highresSST-present     1
IPSL-CM6A-LR      highresSST-present     1
                  historical            15
                  piControl              1
                  ssp126                 3
                  ssp245                 2
                  ssp370                10
                  ssp585                 1
MRI-ESM2-0        historical             1
Name: zstore, dtype: int64
source_ids = []
experiment_ids = ['historical', 'ssp585']
for name, group in df_3hr_pr.groupby('source_id'):
    if all([expt in group.experiment_id.values
            for expt in experiment_ids]):

# Use only one model. Otherwise it takes too long to run on GitHub.
source_ids = ['BCC-CSM2-MR']
def load_pr_data(source_id, expt_id):
    Load 3hr precip data for given source and expt ids
    uri = df_3hr_pr[(df_3hr_pr.source_id == source_id) &
                         (df_3hr_pr.experiment_id == expt_id)].zstore.values[0]

    ds = xr.open_zarr(fsspec.get_mapper(uri), consolidated=True)
    return ds
def precip_hist(ds, nbins=100, pr_log_min=-3, pr_log_max=2):
    Calculate precipitation histogram for a single model.
    assert == 'kg m-2 s-1'

    # mm/day
    bins_mm_day = np.hstack([[0], np.logspace(pr_log_min, pr_log_max, nbins)])
    bins_kg_m2s = bins_mm_day / (24*60*60)

    pr_hist = histogram(, bins=[bins_kg_m2s], dim=['lon']).mean(dim='time')

    log_bin_spacing = np.diff(np.log(bins_kg_m2s[1:3])).item()
    pr_hist_norm = 100 * pr_hist / ds.dims['lon'] / log_bin_spacing
    pr_hist_norm.attrs.update({'long_name': 'zonal mean rain frequency',
                               'units': '%/Δln(r)'})
    return pr_hist_norm

def precip_hist_for_expts(dsets, experiment_ids):
    Calculate histogram for a suite of experiments.
    # actual data loading and computations happen in this next line
    pr_hists = [precip_hist(ds).load()
            for ds in [ds_hist, ds_ssp]]
    pr_hist = xr.concat(pr_hists, dim=xr.Variable('experiment_id', experiment_ids))
    return pr_hist
results = {}
for source_id in tqdm(source_ids):
    # get a 20 year period
    ds_hist = load_pr_data(source_id, 'historical').sel(time=slice('1980', '2000'))
    ds_ssp = load_pr_data(source_id, 'ssp585').sel(time=slice('2080', '2100'))
    pr_hist = precip_hist_for_expts([ds_hist, ds_ssp], experiment_ids)
    results[source_id] = pr_hist
def plot_precip_changes(pr_hist, vmax=5):
    Visualize the output
    pr_hist_diff = (pr_hist.sel(experiment_id='ssp585') -
    pr_hist.sel(experiment_id='historical')[:, 1:].plot.contour(xscale='log', colors='0.5', levels=21)
    pr_hist_diff[:, 1:].plot.contourf(xscale='log', vmax=vmax, levels=21)
title = 'Change in Zonal Mean Rain Frequency'
for source_id, pr_hist in results.items():
    plt.title(f'{title}: {source_id}')

We’re at the end of the notebook, so let’s shutdown our Dask cluster.



In this notebook, we used CMIP6 data to compare precipitation intensity in the SSP585 scenario to historical runs.

What’s next?

More examples of using CMIP6 data.

Resources and references